Countdown to 100...

Sorors, As we celebrate 99 years of FINER today, let us reflect on the vision of our Illustrious Founders: A vision of being the executors of change in the communities we serve. A vision of uplifting the African-American family structure. A vision of the collaborative success of our community. A vision of producing excellence in every endeavor we embark upon... As we continue to countdown to our Centennial, may we all reflect on why we joined this phenomenal Sisterhood of Zet

Celebrating Legacies of Scholarship and Service

Hello Lovelies! June 2018 has been month of celebration for Delta Lambda Zeta! We ended out our sorority fiscal year celebrating two legacies -- Scholarship and Service. Earlier in the month on June 9th, the chapter held its first annual Scholarship Luncheon, where we honored this year's recipients of the following scholarships: the Ermagene Battle Memorial Scholarship, the Delta Lambda Zeta Scholarship, and the inaugural Aydela M. Bright Educational Foundation Scholarship.

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